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God chose Ezra for Spiritual Reform but why?

Question #2

Why did God choose Ezra to bring Spiritual Reform to the people of Israel?

My Answer:

Whether you are a pastor, a teacher, or lay person, God has called every one of us to devote our time to studying God’s word, observing the Law through practice in our lives, and then teaching or passing down our knowledge to others. Ezra understood that it was not enough to strictly be “spiritual” in the comfort of his own home, but he needed to start with himself and end with the teaching of his family, his neighbors, and ultimately the community he dwelled within.

In the article, The Ezra Experience, the author parallels the teaching model with that of Solomon’s teaching model described in Proverbs 2. The author says, “Solomon reminds us that students must choose to learn and be motivated to receive the transmitted message(s) (p 10)” which makes me ponder about that theory in relation to Ezra’s experience. The Israelites or students of Ezra’s teaching were motivated and ready to learn. Did Ezra know this or did he go in it hoping they would be. I am confident that Ezra did not have to hope because of the fact that he prepared. Preparation is the key to godly success and we clearly see this in the story of Rehoboam. The Bible says that he did evil in the sight of the Lord because he chose not to prepare his heart towards the Lord.

We know that God chose Ezra for the job because he knew he prepared his heart for the tasks God had for him. I think because of the man Ezra was, we can conclude that Ezra prayed over the Israelites many times before he even spoke to them and felt confident that God was going to open their eyes, ears, and hearts for change. So in wrapping this up, God chose Ezra to bring Spiritual Reform to the people of Israel because Ezra prepared, prayed and performed his God given task. Ezra was a man devoted to God and the things of God at a much deeper level than most. Can God count on you like he counted on Ezra?

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