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What will you give Jesus for His birthday?

A Conversation with my 5yr old, Madilyn Allsup: 

Madilyn: I want to go to Jesus’ birthday.

Me: Absolutely! We will have it here.

Madilyn: Oh, I need to get him a gift. (she ponders for a second)

Madilyn: I know! I will give him ME!

Me: Madilyn, that is the best gift of all.

Madilyn: I’ll have to wait until I die though.

Me: You can give Him your gift of yourself every day. Isn’t that amazing?

Madilyn: That is so amazing. Will Noni (her grandmother) be here?

Me: Not for Christmas, she will be in Texas.

Madilyn: She needs to have Jesus’ birthday there then.

Me: Yes, that would be nice. You should ask her.


What will you be giving Jesus this year? Will it be your time, money, or addiction? We all have something to give and the greatest gift is the gift of yourself like my daughter said. If you think about the reason for the Christmas season, it is so that God can give YOU His greatest gift in the form of himself–Jesus Christ.

I urge you dear readers to think about the gift exchange between God and you. Are you going to except His gift of Jesus Christ this year? Are you going to give something back to God? What type of gift exchange will surround your family this year?

**I read a blog recently where someone had left a comment and I thought it was a great idea so I will share with you. They said that they buy a white stocking and write their gift to God on it and then next year they get it out and see if they truly gave God that gift during the year. We, the Allsup family, are going to do that this year and we urge others to utilize this great idea.

Merry Christmas from the Allsups!


Letter from Saint Nicholas

World VisionDear World,

I saw that you hang me out in your yards and wear me on your sweaters. I noticed you tell your children that I will bring them presents and that I like milk and cookies. Why is it that you tell your kids that I check my list to see who is naughty or nice? I do not understand why you do all these things. I pray that you will hold true to Jesus during this time of His birth. Praise God for what He has done not what I did.

I only helped children because of the love in my heart for God. It is God that changed my life. Please stop making me the center of this advent season. The coming of Christ in a manger long ago is more marvelous than “Santa” flying around delivering presents to every child in the world. Yes, I understand that children get excited, but let us remember that the most exciting thing WAS A CHILD.

It breaks my heart to see myself everywhere, in stores, on houses, in lawns, on trees, on stockings, in movies, in books, on T.V., in songs, and constantly talked about during this season. Not to mention some of you dress up like me and have children sit on your lap, I would cry too.

I want to thank all of you who choose not to ponder on a servant of God all season long, but rather on the precious King of kings. Teach your children who I really am—a servant of the Most High God. Teach your children that Jesus came to this earth so that people like you and me can have an amazing relationship with the Almighty God–if we believe. Every time I see paraphernalia of myself instead of Jesus I just want to destroy it because my life consisted of increasing God and decreasing myself. We should all attempt to make that our life calling.

Understand one thing: Christmas is not about me. I did not come so that you might have life and life more abundantly. Jesus is the one who gives you that life. Without Him, I would not have loved children so much. Without Him, I am nothing!

 Love Saint Nicholas

I am joining forces with World Vision’s 12 Days of Christmas Blogs. Click on the image above and read other blogs that celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. If you have a blog that represents what you believe about this season, there are instructions on how to link it to your post. Merry Christmas!

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