The Right Path

The Texas Rangers are waiting to hear if they won a bid for Japanese pitcher and phenom, Yu Darvish. It’s a blind bidding process, the bids were allowed from every MLB team, although only a handful submitted bids.


Over the last two seasons, the Rangers General Manager, Jon Daniels has had great success getting the usually downtrodden Rangers to the World Series in consecutive seasons. He has created a great confidence and trust within the fan base. I for one am on-board with whatever move he makes, because he has proven himself to me.

Texas Rangers GM, Jon Daniels via


When the Yu Darvish bidding was coming to its deadline, I tweeted something to the affect of: “If Yu Darvish goes to Toronto, I’m OK with it because, whatever JD bids, is the right number”. No tongue in cheek, I believe that statement- to the penny. I have a lot of trust in JD.


JD however is just a man. I have even more trust in The Creator. I was once downtrodden; he has given me a new life in Jesus Christ. I have great confidence in the Lord.


When God’s intention for my life, doesn’t line-up with my desires, I tell myself, that I’m on-board with whatever move He makes, because He has proven Himself to me.


“I’m OK with God’s will in my life, because, whatever path God chooses for me, is The Right Path.”.


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