Immoral Church Leaders: What should the church do?

I want to expand more on the fact that more and more “church leaders are being disqualified from their positions because of moral failures.” My question is this, how can we stop that from happening? Can we? Do you think that the leader comes into the ministry with morals established from God’s Word but somewhere in their ministry they give into Satan’s trickery?

My take on this is simple. Just like any Christian, when leaders fail to read God’s word, pray, come to God with a contrite spirit, serve others, they fail to defend themselves against the enemy. So, when temptation comes their way, they are not prepared for battle, they left their weapons locked up, and unfortunately like David, they choose the temptation that Satan sets in front of them.

Now on the flip side, I also think as a church, we have an obligation to not cast these men and women out for Satan to finish off what he started and kill, steal, and ultimately destroy them. We need other leaders in the church that are devoted to the disciplines of God to be accountable and minister even to the pastors of our day. We are fighting an intense spiritual battle every day and it is so imperative that we, as Christians remain steadfast in our devotion and passion for the things of God and not the world. David had Jonathon to basically “slap his face” and get him focused on what is right and true again. Do churches today have that type of leadership established throughout the church?


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4 responses to “Immoral Church Leaders: What should the church do?

  • Brian Yu

    I agree. My theory is that moral failures are a result of days, weeks, months, and even years of smaller spiritual failures along the way. This is a big reminder to any leader at the helm of a church. At the same time, I think churches need to express more genuine love and forgiveness when these moral failures occur. When those times occur, it becomes the best opportunity to practice Christ-like forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation.

    • allsupministries

      You hit it right on the spot with the notion that the moral failures that “slip” up in church are due to continuous steps away from God or as you said, “smaller spiritual failures” along our journey with God. That is why I believe we need more leaders to stand together in love and accountability with one another so that it is harder to slip away like that. The church is called to be one body, one unit, and so often we are disconnected with one another. Let us get back to the basics, let us get back to serving God together! Thank you for your comment.

  • Recovering Agnostic

    I don’t agree with your whole “spiritual warfare” interpretation, but I think the conclusions are fairly sound. I recently posted something on this exact subject – feel free to take a look.

    • allsupministries

      In your article, you said, “Where I think the critics have more of an argument is in contrasting the behaviour of Christians with the way the church deals with some who transgress.” The way the church deals with immoral behavior should be that of how God deals with us, with forgiveness and grace. Of course we have to deal with our consequences due to our sin but God still forgives us. The body of Christ should deal in the same way. Thank you for your comment.

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